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Is there a way (using API) to get users uid from the profile URL in facebook?

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I think you may be out of luck on this one –  jlb Mar 25 '10 at 15:03

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You can call the graph directly as such: https://graph.facebook.com/username where username is the username you want to lookup.

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This seems to have stopped working on 6/20/2015 –  Isaac Betesh Jun 22 at 14:13

The REST api has been deprecated.

The proper way to do this is to pass the profile name to the graph api

see: Facebook ID from URL

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Use Users.getInfo, which returns an array of user info, such as first_name, last_name, and uid. Use this call to get user data that you intend to display to other users (of your application, for example). If you need some basic information about a user for analytics purposes, call users.getStandardInfo instead.

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As of today(28th July 2015), I found a different way to find Facebook user's numeric id from profile url (or username).

As you all will be knowing the profile url syntax is https://www.facebook.com/[username]

So just browse to profile url, right click to view source and search for string "uid":. You will get numeric id next to it.

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