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Hai every one. How can I make the changes in the aumix permanently? I am running the aumix application using the following command thinapplaunch aumix.

I am increasing the volume manually. I saved and quit.

I am again launching that application using the same command. thinapplaunch aumix Now all the changes I made is still there. All the volumes are full. But when I logged out and login again the changes is not exists. All the volumes are not full. How can I make the changes permanently? Any help much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!!!

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What distribution are you using? In some distributions you need to create an empty /etc/asound.state.

It seems debian stores it in /var/lib/alsa/asound.state. You can use "sudo alsactl store" to save the state but that should be done automatically. You need to have alsa-utils installed and a symlink in /etc/rc6.d/ so it'll save the state when you shutdown/reboot.

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I am using debian distribution. –  thillaiselvan Mar 25 '10 at 5:10

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