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My C++ application embeds the Python interpreter, but seems to be having some trouble when it shuts down. Right after the main window closes, I get a segmentation fault (this is Windows, but we'll call it a segmentation fault anyway). The stack trace is below:

#0 102AD580 tk85!Tk_MainWindow() (C:\Users\... 1.3\bin\Debug\lib\tk85.dll:??)
#1 103082DD tk85!XSetStipple() (C:\Users\... 1.3\bin\Debug\lib\tk85.dll:??)
#2 102214A3 ??() (C:\Users\...1.3\bin\Debug\lib\tk85.dll:??)
#3 10220000 ??() (??:??)
#4 00000000 ??() (??:??)

Where would I even begin to debug this problem? It seems to be reproducible.

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