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Given I have a file without extension appended to its name, ex: images/cat_photo

Is there a method in Node.js to extract MIME type of a given file? Module mime in this case does not work.

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Yes, there is a module called mmmagic. It tries best to guess the MIME of a file by analysing its content.

The code will look like this (taken from example):

var mmm = require('mmmagic'),
var magic = new mmm.Magic(mmm.MAGIC_MIME_TYPE);

magic.detectFile('node_modules/mmmagic/build/Release/magic.node', function(err, result) {
    if (err) throw err;

But keep in mind, that the guessing of a MIME type may not always lead to right answer.

Feel free to read up on types signatures on a wiki page.

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