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I want to import a dll in C# which is coded in C language. The following is the formate of the function I want to call.

*@param objectID         The answer object ID
*@param answerBuf        The answer buffer.This buffer is automatically allocated by 
                         the function. 
                         It is automatically recycled with each call. A call to this 
                         function with an empty answer or a new request will 
                         automatically free the allocated buffer.
*@param answerBufferSize The answer buffer size.This function return the size of the 
                         allocated buffer in this parameter.

*@return 0 if error occurs
        1 if success

int ReadAnswer(unsigned short *objectID, 
               unsigned short **answerBuf, unsighed short *answerBufferSize )

Please help me with it. I'm stucked by this function. Thank you in advance.

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The C side-of-things is usually not enough to be sure, but after reading the comment, it should be something like this:

private extern static int ReadAnswer(ref ushort objectID, out IntPtr answerBuf, out ushort answerBufferSize);
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The function should be declared like this:

private extern static int ReadAnswer(
    out ushort objectID,
    out IntPtr answerBuf,  
    out ushort answerBufferSize

Call it like this:

ushort objectID, answerBufSize;
IntPtr answerBufPtr;
int retval = ReadAnswer(out objectID, out answerBufPtr,
    out answerBufSize);
if (retval == 0)
    // handle error
ushort[] answerBuf = new ushort[answerBufSize/2];
Marshal.Copy(answerBufPtr, (Int16[])answerBuf, 0, answerBuf.Length);

My assumption is that answerBufSize is the size in bytes.

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Thank you for your kindly reply, it does works!! However, my next question is: 1) (Int16[])answerBuf makes error.The error says:cannot convert ushort[] to short[]; 2) So I just make the answerBuf to be "short" type. Then I get "12871", "13104","13636"...., in answerBuf after Marshal.Copy function.And the result is supposed to be "G203D525",not "12871". What's wrong with it? – user3799965 Aug 5 '14 at 11:02
How can G203D525 be an array of unsigned short? As for the other error, see… – David Heffernan Aug 5 '14 at 13:11

First of all, there is no unsigned keyword in C#, use ushort.

Second, in order to declare pointers you need to write * after the type, example: ushort*.

And finally to import dlls which are written in C, use this:

extern static int ReadAnswer(ushort* objectID, ushort** answerBuf, out ushort* answerBufferSize);

Also, since the function put the buffer size in answerBufferSize, this parameter requires out.

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