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I have a <select>-Element where the enclosed <option>-Tags are created with ng-repeat.

One of these option-Tags shall have the selected-attribute added, depending on a value, but I can't figure it out how to deploy the attribute in only one option.

This is the base code:

<select name="level" ng-model="srv.level">
  <option ng-repeat="level in DataService.getLevels()" 

and the result is already:

<select ng-model="srv.level" name="level" class="ng-pristine ng-valid">
    <option value="0" ng-repeat="level in DataService.getLevels()"
        class="ng-scope ng-binding">Level Zero</option>
    <option value="1" ng-repeat="level in DataService.getLevels()" 
        class="ng-scope ng-binding">Level Uno</option>
    <option value="2" ng-repeat="level in DataService.getLevels()"
        class="ng-scope ng-binding">Level Two</option>

Now I want that one of the option-Tags has the attribute selected depending on === srv.level. How can I do that?

Here is a link to a plunker

Thank you!

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 <select name="level" ng-model="" ng-options=" as for level in data.getLevels() ">
      <option value='0'>--choose level--</option>

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Perfect, this solution also allows the data binding to work, where as the one below doesn't. Thank you so much. – alsobubbly Nov 5 '14 at 14:50

Try <option ng-selected=' === srv.level'></option>.

Thus, the option will be selected only if the predicate in ng-selected is true.

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