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I want to store a $ character in a PHP variable.

$var = "pas$wd";

I get the following error

Notice: Undefined variable: wd in C:\xxxxx  on line x


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You can use single-quoted strings :

$var = 'pas$wd';

This way, variables won't be interpolated.

Else, you can escape the $ sign, with a \ :

$var = "pas\$wd";

And, for the sake of completness, with PHP >= 5.3, you could also use the NOWDOC (single-quoted) syntax :

$var = <<<'STRING'

As a reference, see the Strings page of the PHP manual (quoting a couple of sentences) :

Note: [...] variables and escape sequences for special characters will not be expanded when they occur in single quoted strings.

And :

If the string is enclosed in double-quotes ("), PHP will interpret more escape sequences for special characters:
\$ : dollar sign

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Single quotes inhibit expansion:

var = 'pas$wd';
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Double quotes enable variable interpolation. So if you are using double quotes, you need to escape the $ else you can use single quote which do not do variable interpolation.

$ var = "pas\$wd";


$ var = 'pas$wd';
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$var = 'pas$wd';
$var = "pas\$wd";
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Use the following code 
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