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I have a null able double value which get values from data base.It retrieve value from data base as '1E-08'. I want to display the value with out scientific notification (0.00000001)

I used the following code.

double? valueFromDB=1E-08;
string doubleValue=valueFromDB.Value.Value.ToString();
string formatedString=String.Format("{0:N30}", doubleValue);

But the value of formatedString is still 1E-08.

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doubleValue is a string not a double, so use String.Format("{0:N30}", valueFromDB.Value). –  Tim Schmelter Aug 5 at 9:47
possible duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/1546113/… –  dknaack Aug 5 at 9:48

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You're calling string.Format with a string. That's not going to apply numeric formatting. Try removing the second line:

double? valueFromDB = 1E-08;
string formattedString = String.Format("{0:N30}", valueFromDB.Value);

Or alternatively, specify the format string in a call to ToString on the value:

double? valueFromDB = 1E-08;
string formattedString = valueFromDB.Value.ToString("N30");

That produces 0.000000010000000000000000000000 for me.

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