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I am using gesture detector to catch "flings" and using a view flipper to change the screen when this happens. Some of my child views contain list views. The the gesture detector wont recognize a swipe if you swipe on the list view. But it will recognize it if it is onTop of TextView's or ImageView's. Is there a way to implement it so that it will recognize the swipes even if they are on top of another view that has a ClickListener?

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Thank you for your answer. In order to get it working how I wanted it to all I had to add was this:


for each of my lists. Now they correctly recognize horizontal swipes to change views, and vertical movement for scrolling the list.

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An example from here:

    android:layout_height="fill_parent"  />

I used this tutorial to look at Android's gesture overlay view. The example which this comes from has a ListView utilizing this GestureOverlayView to scroll the list.

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There is another wonderful solution at android-journey.blogspot

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