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I use ncurs for an application which dispays data to users in real-time.

the user can do string input of normal char type. e.g a-z, A-Z 0-9 etc. So I cannot use those keys to do other things like change windows or quit.

Now it seemed like a good idea to use the F-keys but some KEY_F(x) are not recognized on some terminal emulators.

What keys are the best to use and offer the best portability for a ncurses application?

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Many programs uses ESC to display a menu with a list of options –  Alter Mann Aug 5 at 11:21

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Personally I favour using one of the modifier keys with letters, it is something of a defacto standard in ncurses apps to use the letter keys with control held down for special functions.

This approach instantly gives you 26 * 2 + 9 hotkey combos for special functions, plenty for most apps.

Please take a look at gnu nano for a great example of this. Remember these may be hard to remember for new users so try and provide some kind of tool-tips or a easy to remember help button like escape or ctrl-h.

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You may notice a small lag between ESC and functionality, as the terminal supports multibyte escape sequences. The value can be controlled with the environment variable ESCDELAY, but you may find it easier to implement CTRL+ codes (CTRL+H) as suggested in this answer. –  polarysekt Aug 6 at 2:49

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