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I use the following URL setting to authorize Facebook login. But the page for Application Authorization is webish, and not mobileish.

                + FConnect.API_KEY
                + "&v=1.0&next="
                + FConnect.SUCCESS_URL
                + "%3Ffb_login%26fname%3D_opener&cancel_url="
                + FConnect.CANCEL_URL
                + "%23fname%3D_opener%26%257B%2522t%2522%253A3%252C%2522h%2522%253A%2522fbCancelLogin%2522%252C%2522sid%2522%253A%25220.741%2522%257D&channel_url="
                + FConnect.XD_RECEIVER);

As you see this is webish, as I had to scroll to the middle,

alt text

Do you know the address to get a mobileish App authorization page?

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According to the Facebook developer wiki, it says that you have to set your display parameter to "wap" if you're on the mobile.

I guess you would have to check if the user is on a mobile or a PC. If on a mobile, change the display parameter to "wap", else keep it to "pop-up".

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I used from the same URL and does work well now. – Pentium10 Mar 25 '10 at 16:47

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