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I am working for a project to create a database for saving different persons contact details in SQL. For example, X person saves 10 contacts, Y persons save 15 contacts, z persons save 20 contacts and so on. I cant create separate tables to save contacts of x,y,z and so on. But i just want to know the alternative method to do that. Is there any easy method to save different contacts and is there any easy method to retrieve it. I'm just a student, I don't know much about sql and don't have much experience in this. So I need your help to know much about this.

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You need one table of contacts, with a column of user ID.

Another Table of Users (Persons) and a FK between them.

This is better.

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thanks for your response... i created a table "members" with id and mobile no as PK, ID Name Mobno ________________ 1 john 9999999999 2 sam 8888888888 then i saved their contacts in the table "contacts" with id and mobieno as PK. ID Name Mobileno ______________________ 1 gem 89898989 1 tim 90909090 1 sam 8888888888 2 tim 90909090 2 david 55445544 Here john save a contact called david, now i want to send a request to sam saying that "do u know david with 55445544 mobileno." How to do that dude? – jagan Mar 25 '10 at 10:23
The id is enough for FK SELECT * from tblContacts T, Person P where T.PersonID = P.PersonID and P.Name = 'David' (you don't need and P.Phone = '12323232') There is a better way to "Write" it using a JOIN (you are joining the tables on ID column). – Dani Mar 25 '10 at 14:20
ACtually - that will give you all david's contacts, you need to do it for sam's id and see if david is one of his contacts. – Dani Mar 25 '10 at 14:21

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