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I've built app using wmp.dll which is Windows System File in my XP machine. If I tried add outputs of above project to my Setup Project, VS warned that 'wmp.dll' should be excluded because its source file 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmp.dll' is under Windows System File Protection.

There're three things under 'Detected Dependencies' folder. Microsoft .NET Framework, Interop.WMPLib.dll and wmp.dll.

The app works okay in my machine, of course. But if I install this into Windows Server 2003 machine, the app does not be launched. I think this is because different version of OS use different version of wmp.dll.

Anyway, how can I fix this?

ps. I've even excluded wmp.dll from the Setup Project.

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It sounds like you've a dependency on Windows Media Player, and that isn't installed on your server machine (or at least the relevant version). Is that installed on the client?

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Thanks! You're right! –  Hongseok Yoon Mar 29 '10 at 1:32

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