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''# Stage 1
datas=Server.URLencode("<PaginationData currentPage=""1"" totalPages=""9""/>")

response.write "Encode = " datas &"</br></br>"

''# Stage 2
response.write "Decode = " ''# How i again decode my encode data?


In the "Stage 1" , i encode my xml data

In the "Stage 2", How i decode the "Stage 1" Encode data?

hoping your support

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Why are you URL encoding something which you are placing in the HTML output? –  AnthonyWJones Mar 25 '10 at 16:12

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Asp Classic does not supply a Decode function. You are supposed to retain the decoded bits to use it later.

In your sample:


url="<PaginationData currentPage=""1"" totalPages=""9""/>"

''//Stage 1

response.write "Encode = " & datas & "<br /><br />"

''//Stage 2
response.write "Decode = " + url

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