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When I purge a URL with the Akamai Luna Control Center tool it says it will take up to 7 minutes. In my tests it takes between 1-180 seconds over 95% of the time.

Why does it take so long? What is the architecture behind Akamai in this regard? Surely there are many edge servers but you can make a multitude of requests to purge all edge servers within seconds so I don't think it is a technical reason.

I am thinking maybe they add your request to a queue and the queue gets run every N seconds and also can only handle X items. So you may get queued up.

Anyways, that is just speculation, does anyone know the real reason why?

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Akamai does. Why do you want to know? :) –  CodeCaster Aug 5 '14 at 14:31
This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about programming. webmasters.stackexchange.com may be suitable. –  Andrew Morton Aug 5 '14 at 14:33
@codecaster Because when we edit content we want the purge to happen near instant, like a Varnish purge, waiting 7 minutes seems tedious. I would like to know the reason. –  Elijah Lynn Aug 5 '14 at 15:52
@AndrewMorton I was wondering where to post this, I was originally going to choose Network Engineering and also looked at Webmasters but found SO to have the highest number of posts for an "Akamai" search. –  Elijah Lynn Aug 5 '14 at 15:53

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The answer is pretty simple. Your purge has to be executed on thousands and thousands of machines.

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Obviously but this can happen within seconds, technically it doesn't have to take 7 minutes. –  Elijah Lynn Jan 7 at 18:53

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