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This little gem has kept me going for a wee while now and I'm still not much further forward.


  • SSMS 2012 SP1 (target) (Server 2012 64 bit)
  • MySQL (source)
  • Linked server using ODBC 5.3 64bit Unicode driver

I am trying to port the tables from MySQL onto SSMS. A majority of the tables work fine....until I hit a column that is cast > 8000 chars.

As I was having an issue I tried to just select the offending Columnm

Running a simple

SELECT RogueCol  FROM LinkServer...MyTbl

returns the error

OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "LinkServer" returned message "Requested conversion is not supported.".
Msg 7341, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot get the current row value of column "[MSDASQL].RogueCol" from OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "LinkServer". 

So I then tried


This returns the same error

I'm totally confused as I cannot seem to even view the data in SSMS, let alone SELECT it into a table (I have a script that will cast the fields according to some rules based on their original MySQL castings)

As I say, for a majority of other fields its not an issue.

The MySQL casting of the RogueCol is varchar(32767)

The settings enabled on the MSDASQL Provider is:

  • Nested Queries
  • Level Zero Only
  • Allow Inprocess
  • Supports 'Like'

So far I've tried a raft of things which I've 'discovered' on various forums including:

  • CASTING, CONVERTING, LEFT, LTRIM(RTRIM()) on the actual call.
  • Tried also restricting it to a TOP 1 record (LEN = 45, Doesn't have any white space or foreign characters in the string)
  • Set up the ANSI version of the ODBC driver
  • Various settings within the ODBC driver (Allow Big Result sets, changing Character sets, Limit Columns to 32 bit, Pad char with space among others)

Can I call upon your collective knowledge and request some further suggestions please as this driving me nuts?

Many thanks

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So guys and girls, no responses

I ended up having to talk to the DBA responsible for the MySQL DB and asked him to alter the casting of the RogueCol from varchar(32767) to TEXT

Job jobbed

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