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I use Apache with mod_wsgi and webpy, and when i send a file on http, a lot packets are lost.

This is my code :

f = file(FILE_PATH, 'rb')
    while True:
        buffer = f.read(4*1024)
        if buffer :
            yield buffer
        else :

What in my code is wrong ?


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Nothing in your code sends a file over http. It just reads a local file, and that code looks OK. –  Tim Pietzcker Mar 25 '10 at 9:21
Well, this method is called with an url like this : blabla/myMethod/myFile and there, i don't receive all the packets whereas if i take the file "directly from apache" : static.blabla/myFile, it's work fine. –  ep45 Mar 25 '10 at 9:32
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