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I am trying to create a report of Matrix but I am not sure it is possible to achieve a matrix in SSRS or Crystal Report.

Subject Student#
English 10000
English 10001
English 10002
Math 10001
Math 10002
Math 10003
Math 10004 Science 10000
Science 10001
Science 10007

I like to create a matrix report as below. It will show student counts in both subjects.
---------- English Math Science
English -- 3 ---------- 2 ----- 2
Math__ -- 2 ---------- 4 ----- 1
Science --2 ---------- 1 ----- 3

But both Crystal report and SSRS show only numbers in the meeting cells of the same subject. For example, 3 for English 4 for Math 3 for Science. all the rest cells show 0.

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I am not sure it is a best way to achieve but I found an answer myself.

In Crystal, I added a view as View1. I added the same view as view2. All links between the two were cleared. It means the two tables are no joined. A formula was created.
@BothSubjectStudentID if View1.StudentID = View2.StudentID then 1 else 0

View1.Subject were added to the columns in a Cross Tab . View2.Subject were added to the rows in the cross tab. the formula 'BothSubjectStudentID' was added to summarized Fields:. with Sum().

It took a bit time and returned results I am looking for.

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