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i have a mysql table like this

| id  | item_id | item_type | field_name      | data  |
| 258 |      54 | page      | field_interests | 1     | 
| 257 |      54 | page      | field_interests | 0     | 
| 256 |      54 | page      | field_author    | value | 

And, I need build query like this

SELECT * FROM `content_fields_data` WHERE 
(`field_name`='field_author' AND `data`  LIKE '%lu%')
(`field_name`='field_interests' AND `data`='1')

But it returns 0 rows. If I change it or

SELECT * FROM `content_fields_data` WHERE 
(`field_name`='field_author' AND `data`  LIKE '%lu%')
(`field_name`='field_interests' AND `data`='1')    

I need to select all rows 
  field_name.field_author.data LIKE '%text%'
  field_name.field_interests.data = '1'

I can explain it like a simple function:

IF table.field_name = 'field_author' THAN USE LIKE operator
IF table.field_name = 'field_interests' THAN USE equal(=) operator

Cant anybody help me?


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Your sample query will never work - data can never be both 0 and 1 for field_interests in the same record. Edit your answer and provide a sample table of what you want as the result-set and we'll try and compose a query to get you there. –  Andy Shellam Mar 25 '10 at 9:35

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I think you have to use OR instead of AND (otherwise it's clear you get no rows! a thing can't be equal to two different things...). So

(`field_name`='field_author' AND `field_author.data` LIKE '%jo%')
(`field_name`='field_interests' AND `field_interests.data`='0')
(`field_name`='field_interests' AND `field_interests.data`='1')
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Yeah that's what I was thinking but I have no idea what he actually wants. His sample query and what he's tried don't relate to each other. Also field_interests.data and field_author.data should just be data. –  Andy Shellam Mar 25 '10 at 9:42

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