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I have a WCF Service that registers itself against an Azure Service Bus Subscription using NetMessagingBinding, configured for auto-start. The service contract and its implementation is as follows:

public interface ICrmEntityService
    [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true, Action = "*")]
    void ReceiveMessage(Lead lead);

[ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.Single, AddressFilterMode = AddressFilterMode.Any)]
public class CrmEntityService : ICrmEntityService
    public void ReceiveMessage(Lead lead)
        Trace.WriteLine("Entered WCF ReceiveMessage() Method.");
        Trace.WriteLine(String.Format("Lead: {0} {1} {2}", lead.Title, lead.Forename, lead.Surname));

The endpoint is configured as follows in the Web.config file:

  <service name="[NS].CrmEntityService">
    <endpoint address="sb://[NS].servicebus.windows.net/crmactionstopic"
      name="SB-CrmEntityService" />

When I create a simple client that directly invokes the ReceiveMessage() operation on the WCF Service (using a ChannelFactory) via a Service Bus Topic using the NetMessagingBinding, the service receives the request perfectly and contains the Lead instance passed by the client.

What am I trying to Achieve?

This is great, but it doesn't do what I am trying to achieve. Upstream .Net services will be creating instances of Brokered Messages and pushing them to particular topics, against which I have a subscription. These upstream services shouldn't need to know what is subscribing to them (and therefore have to call a particular Service Operation on a particular WCF Interface); in-fact, there may be multiple independent services registered against different Subscriptions on that Topic.

I was hoping that I would be able to register a WCF Service against that subscription and receive an instance of a BrokeredMessage, something along the following:

public interface ICrmEntityService
    [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true, Action = "*")]
    void ReceiveBrokeredMessage(BrokeredMessage brokeredMessage);

But that doesn't appear to be possible. In-fact, I'm now starting to wonder whether the concept of using WCF Services registered to Azure Service Bus Subscriptions is in-fact an anti-pattern. Why - as the producer - should I need to stipulate which service contract / operation I want my message to eventually go to when writing the message to a Topic?

So..... if anyone has any ideas for how I can publish a Brokered Message onto an Azure Service Bus Topic and register a generic WCF Service against a Subscription that would be greatly appreciated.

To add my rationale here - I could go down the route of writing a Windows Service that would poll the Subscription for new Brokered Messages via the Azure SDK and process each message accordingly, however I like the fact that I can write a WCF Service and let IIS handle the lifetime of each message 'process'.

ps. I have already thoroughly reviewed the following links:

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