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Yes, I know, IE 7 is dated and does not support modern technology. **Insert classic Microsoft joke**

However I work for a state University and there is a lot of red tape so for the time being we still partially support IE7 (hopefully that won't be the case soon). Also, I'm really curious about this issue.

I have read through Angular's documentation for supporting old versions of IE and for the most part I can get things to work. But oddly enough, a simple Angular application crashes on IE7 if you populate two attributes with data bound content in the same HTML tag.

For instance if I am looping (ng-repeat) through an object to create a link list, this works just fine:

<a href="{{event.Link}}">Google</a>

But this does not work:

<a href="{{event.Link}}" title="{{event.Title}}">Google</a>

In fact it crashes the whole application. Any thoughts?

Here is a working Plunkr http://plnkr.co/edit/znbXJkhiEQXqhTcyYcU4?p=preview just so you can preview some sample code. When I run that code on a static .html page in an IE 7 browser emulator (browserstack.com), nothing shows, not even the "Hello World". Just the Angular templating brackets.

Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks.

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Try using ng-class or ng-attr-class it might work. –  runTarm Aug 5 at 16:25
Have you tried with each attribute individually? or just href alone. It could just be the class attribute. –  Kevin B Aug 5 at 16:25
Sorry - that was actually supposed to be <a href="{{event.Link}}" title="{{event.Title}}">Google</a>, I am not using the "class" attribute. And yes, I tried with "href" alone, "title" alone and "class" alone. It is only when I combine two. –  matteking Aug 5 at 16:35
Have you tried a version of angularjs that supports IE7? You are using 1.2.x, 1.2.x drops IE7 support. 1.1.x has IE7 support. –  TheSharpieOne Aug 5 at 17:01
Ahh - I didn't realize they dropped IE7 support that early, yes when I switch to 1.1.5 (random pick) it started working. Thanks for helping out! –  matteking Aug 5 at 17:05

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