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I keep getting the following error:

System.AccessViolationException was unhandled Message="Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." Source="FEDivaNET" StackTrace: at Diva.Handles.FEDivaObject.dropReference() at Diva.Handles.FEDivaObject.!FEDivaObject() at Diva.Handles.FEDivaObject.Dispose(Boolean ) at Diva.Handles.FEDivaObject.Finalize() InnerException:

Any ideas what the issue could be? - I'm using a library that is written in C++ and isn't designed for multithreading, yet I'm hammering it about 3000 times with requests every 6 minutes.


  delegate void SetTextCallback(string mxID, string text);
    public void UpdateLog(string mxID, string text)
        //lock (thisLock)
            if (listBoxProcessLog.InvokeRequired)
                SetTextCallback d = new SetTextCallback(UpdateLog);
                this.BeginInvoke(d, new object[] { mxID, text });
                //Get a reference to the datatable assigned as the datasource.
                //DataTable logDT = (DataTable)listBoxProcessLog.DataSource;
                //logDT.Rows.Add(DateTime.Now + " - " + mxID + ": " + text);
                if (text.Contains("COMPLETE") || (text.Contains("FAILED")))
                    if (progressBar1.Value <= progressBar1.MaxValue)
                    { progressBar1.Value += 1; }


Baring in mind that even when the Lock and the DataTable weren't commented out, the error still occurred!


Unfortunately I don't have access to the C++ code, and the C# code is a wrapper around the functions.....basically the library is single threaded, and I'm guessing because it's unManaged that this is occuring.....suggestions?

Appdomains? - Would that work?

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You should post the C# calling code, which issues the exception – Seb Mar 25 '10 at 10:08
I am guessing this is occurring becuase of marshaling issues. You should post the c++ declaration, your equivalent C# declaration and the code showing how you are using it. – logicnp Mar 25 '10 at 10:32
The bug is obviously either in the original library or the interop wrapper... the example code here doesn't seem to be related to either of those. You need to post the code that actually interacts with this component. – Aaronaught Mar 25 '10 at 14:37

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