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I have a google sites, and most solutions for viewers comments either dont work for me (I like HTML Comment Box but it keeps "loading"), are too "basic" (spreadsheet solutions - I have too many comment areas, and it looks too "simple"), or viewers have to register or be registered in one of a group of social media (hotmail, facebook, twitter, google+ - with facebook and google+ gadget) or sites (Disqus).

My site is private so I only need peolple to be logged in with google Accounts to see the site.

I found a solution using a script by Tony Fecteau here, and it is good enough, but I know nothing of scripting. I've been trying to make some changes, I did change the date/time format, and the GMT timezone, but I needed help:

  • I want to have a smaller comment box (about 200-250px would suffice) with most recent submissions on top: Managed to change the size easily, but the problem is, the text entered most recently (according to timestamp) is displayed in the bottom, while I want it on top. As it is now, it doesn't roll down automatically at each submission as the text in the box becomes larger than the height of the box allows.

  • I want the comments display box below the name and comment submission area: I don't know how to do it. If I manage to have recent comments first that would be a better display

Here's my version of the code (includes some portuguese words - Comentário=Comment, Nome=Name:

function doGet() {
  var app = UiApp.createApplication();

  var button = app.createButton('Comentário')

  var usernameLabel = app.createLabel('Nome:')

  var commentText = app.createTextBox()

  var commentArea = app.createTextArea()
                 .setSize(640, 200)

  var username = app.createTextBox()

  var handler = app.createServerHandler('myClickHandler')



  return app;
function initCommentArea(commentArea) {
  var db = ScriptDb.getMyDb();
  var results = db.query({date: db.greaterThan(new Date().getTime() - (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24))}).sortBy('date');
  var comments = '';

  while (results.hasNext()) {
  var current = results.next();
    comments = comments + '\n' + getCommentForItem(current);

function getCommentForItem(currentItem)
  return Utilities.formatDate(new Date(currentItem.date), 'GMT', 'dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss') + ' (' + currentItem.username + ') - ' + currentItem.comment;

function myClickHandler(event) {
  var app = UiApp.createApplication();
  var db = ScriptDb.getMyDb();
  var item = {
    comment: event.parameter.commentText,
    username: event.parameter.username,
    date: new Date().getTime()

  var record = db.save(item);

  var commentText = app.getElementById('commentText');
  var commentArea = app.getElementById('commentArea');
  commentArea.setText(event.parameter.commentArea + '\n' + getCommentForItem(item));

  return app;

I would appreciate any help.

Also someone can tell me why HTML comment box doesn't work with me (used HTML Box, and any gadget for embedding in google sites I could find).


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