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Basically I want to add Toolbox and SQL Server Object Explorer to my VS to be added to my left panel.

Right now it looks like this:

enter image description here

I want this (disregard the colors of course):

enter image description here

I cannot figure out how to do it - been messing with this for a good 30 minutes now.

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Try reading this link: How to Arrange and Dock Windows ...

To dock tool windows and document windows:

Click the tool window or document window you want to dock.

Drag the window toward the middle of the IDE.

A guide diamond appears. The four arrows of the diamond point toward the four sides of the editing pane. If the window is a tool window, an additional four arrows point to the four edges of the IDE.

When the window you are dragging reaches the location where you want to dock it, move the pointer over the corresponding portion of the guide diamond. The designated area is shaded.

To dock the window in the position indicated, release the mouse button.

For example, if Solution Explorer is docked on the right edge of the IDE and you want to dock it on the left edge, drag Solution Explorer toward the middle of the IDE, move the pointer over the far left arrow of the guide diamond, and then release the mouse button.

Alternatively, you can dock a tool window to a portion of one of the side walls of the IDE by dragging it to the side until you see a secondary guide diamond. Click one of the four arrows to dock the tool window to that portion of the side wall.

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