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I'm trying to make a table of values inside hubot and he pass it's values to redis-brain.coffee but i just know a way: robot.brain.get("blablabla"). This will get a string from redis-brain and i need some kind of table.

How I'll use it: At first call of this function, hubot will load the full database to the memory, then, if there's

  robot.catchAll (msg) ->
if not quiet
  text = msg.message.text
  ector.setUser msg.message.user.name
  if not loaded_brain
    ector_brain = robot.brain.get('ector_brain') #need to be some type of table - In mysql should be like a select
    ector.addEntry ector_brain
    loaded_brain = true
    ector.addEntry text
    ector_brain = ector_brain+text #this line should insert the value of text inside ector_brain table. -- In mysql shoud be like an insert into
  ector.linkNodesToLastSentence previousResponseNodes
  response = ector.generateResponse()
  previousResponseNodes = response.nodes
  msg.reply response.sentence

So, how do I create a table in redis from hubot?

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robot.brain.get and robot.brain.set operates with JSON objects, not only strings. Just place an object with your data structure of choice in the brain and get it back when necessary.

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