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I start Selenium hub to start Selenium Grid from command prompt on port 4444. Now I start Selenium RC from other command prompt.

It shows me error message that "Selenium is already running on port 4444. Or some other service is..."

Now I am not able to start Selenium RC. Please help me how to close /shutdown hub from command prompt.

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is the command to close the opened selenium session. If the session is opened using batch file please remove the '@pause' command if its is used. This is useful when we are trying to stop and start the server during or in between test case execution.


"Ctrl + C" is the best option.

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You'll need to register your RC's with the Selenium Hub. Each RC needs to register on a different port (I think). You can use ant to boot the RC on a specific port

ant -Dport=5556 launch-remote-control

I found running the demos that come with Grid really helpful:


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It's easiest to do from a browser (e.g. http://localhost:4444/selenium-server/driver/?cmd=shutDown), but you can also call that url with curl if you need command line access.

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To answer your original question of how do you close selenium hub from the command prompt, you can try this from the selenium-grid folder:
(from documentation)
rake all:restart
rake all:stop

Or for specific ports:
rake all:restart PORTS=5000-5010
rake all:stop PORTS=5000-5010

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I am trying this we can also use our web browser to stop the server.

you can try following URL to shut down the server. http://localhost:4444/selenium-server/driver/?cmd=shutDownSeleniumServer

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what is safer solution?

kill -p "$SELENIUM_PID"


wget http://localhost:4444/selenium-server/driver/?cmd=shutDownSeleniumServer

i am making a init.d script for headless selenium and this is important step.

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You can to press "ctrl"+"C" in command window, (where hub or RC is running) and to stop execution of batch file

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