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I have an Azure website with a handful of app settings entries. These override those in web.config, the same as you would in IIS.

I'm using this feature to supply values to the app to avoid having them in web.config in the first place. This is to avoid committing sensitive info to a GitHub repo. Some are trivial/non-secret, and some are secret (like phone numbers, API keys, etc.).

Does Azure allow you to export these in anyway? I'd like to avoid copy/pasting them out.

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You can get this using Site Control Manager (scm). For example, if your website name is contoso, then open your browser to contoso.scm.azurewebsites.net. Authenticate using the same credentials you use to access the Azure Management Portal. This will land you in the "Kudu" default page where you will find a link to download app settings as a JSON file.

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Click on that link and save it to your desired location.

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You will get some additional environment settings as part of the JSON file, but you will also get all of your app settings.

If you're just wanting to back things up, you could also use Azure Website Backups.

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