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I'm making a chrome extension and i'm currently trying to obfuscate one of my scripts so users cannot view the source.

For the purpose of the question, say I have this simple get request:

    function (data){

If you were to run that in console on roblox.com, you would receive an alert of the user's description. Now, if I run this code in the background page of my extension, I will receive the same result (The user's description). But I want to obfuscate this code in the background page.

Running the obfuscated code in the background page wasn't working BUT if you ran the obfuscated code in console at roblox.com, it works. This has me completely confused.

This is the obfuscator I was using- www.atasoyweb.net/Javascript_Encrypter

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Your encrypter uses eval which is not allowed in chrome extensions. (Though you can get around it)

Related: Don't even bother obfuscating your scripts. All encrypting methods can be "decrypted" (if it couldn't then how does your code run?)

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Do you know of any encrypter that dont use this? –  Alex Aug 5 at 21:51
@Alex - Take a look at this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/194397/… ;) –  Derek 朕會功夫 Aug 5 at 21:56

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