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We have been having an issue with google adwords and tracking exactly what people are converting on. Adwords will tell us there was lets say 20 conversions on any given ad. But when we actually look at the CRM data of the # of people whom actually converted on the form tied to that ad, its something more like 8. So where did those other 12 people convert? Well somewhere else on our site. So we are mirroring the cookie creation of google adwords as they are sending over the ?gclid=xxx in the get request. This will then at least give us the source of what form they came in on.

Well I want to make this a little more secure then that. I dont want anyone just having the ability to type in ?gclid=xyz and that then creating a cookie. or somehow a link with the ?gclid=xyz gets spidered and people start converting that way.

So what i am trying to do is match the referrer of google.com or say doubleclick.net as it comes through. Does anyone know if there is a list of referring domains from the google ad network?



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Could it be the same people converting more than once? Double-clicking on submit etc? –  matt1 Aug 6 at 7:31

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