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Here is example:

rdata <- data.frame(y=rnorm(1000,2,2),v1=rnorm(1000,1,1),v2=rnorm(1000,3,3),


title1 <- c("","","Title pushes graph down")
title2 <- c("","","Also here graph lower")

plot1 <- lapply(1:3, function(i) {bwplot(~rdata[,i],rdata,          
main=list(paste(title1[i],sep=""), fontsize=9, col="black"))})
plot2 <- lapply(1:3, function(i) {bwplot(~rdata[,i],rdata,    
main=list(paste(title2[i],sep=""), fontsize=9, col="black"))})

l <- lapply(list(plot1, plot2), 
           function(i) do.call(arrangeGrob, c(i, nrow=1, ncol=3)))

do.call(grid.arrange, l)

How to avoid the graph being lower as the graph without title?

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Try with

title1 <- c(" "," ","Title pushes graph down")
title2 <- c(" "," ","Also here graph lower")

enter image description here

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funny enough :) Thanks. –  Maximilian Aug 6 '14 at 9:31

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