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I downloaded and installed docker-install v1.1.2 from https://github.com/boot2docker/windows-installer/releases.

However I can't start it, keep getting the "Permission denied" error:

luog@IKARI:/c/apps/Boot2Docker$ ./start.sh
./start.sh: line 21: ./boot2docker.exe: Permission denied
./start.sh: line 23: ./boot2docker.exe: Permission denied
./start.sh: line 25: ./boot2docker.exe: Permission denied

If I run boot2docker directly from cmd console I got this:

Access is denied.

Any idea?

Note I opened the cmd with administrator role, still doesn't help

The screenshot when I double click on "start.sh" from explorer: enter image description here

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What's in your .bashrc? Try to backup and remove it first. –  Larry Cai Aug 17 '14 at 22:26
Reinstall boot2docker using admin role –  Larry Cai Aug 17 '14 at 22:28

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From the description, it looks like two issues


You can run boot2docker windows installer in admin role, which can solve permission issues

mount command

There are some scripts in your ~/.bashrc, it will be executed before start.sh since it is a bash script, suggest to temple remove it (backup first), if there is http_proxy kind of setting, you can keep them

Will be nice to remove ~/.boot2docker to have clean installation especially if you have installed before.

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The version you just downloaded is not a stable version as it was release 28 days ago only

So completely uninstall Boot2Docker and delete all the files related to it.

Restart everything

and then download Boot2docker v1.1.1 and not v 1.1.2 from:


and then use this guide to install it :


NOTE ::: Your processor needs to support hardware virtualization.

Let me know if this worked or else I will suggest you something else..

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