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I'm looking to create a windows background service which monitors the print spooler (or is it print queue?) and forces any print job to be in pause state unless the user has completed the payment for that particular print job via some payment method. Payment may be made via a different app or a pop up form in the same background service app.. it doesn't really matter.

Here is the API I'm planning to use.

My idea is to listen to job 'add', 'resume' and 'reset' events and whenever any of these events occur I can query the payment database if a payment has been made for this job. If not I can force the job into 'paused' state, retrieve the details of the job (like page count) calculate the bill amount for the job, display the bill and payment form. When user completes the payment, I can add this job into the payment database as being paid and finally resume the print job so that in the next event handle this job will NOT be forced into 'paused' state.

Is this possible? If not please point me in the right direction.

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I suspect that it would be more reliable to have a two separate queues: the real one, configured so that the users don't have access to print to it directly, and your one, which does nothing but transfer the jobs over once they've been paid for. A quick look through the docs suggest that you would do this with a port monitor but I don't know how difficult this would be. –  Harry Johnston Aug 6 '14 at 21:42

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