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I'm using owl-carousel for a slideshow on my page. I want to give the user the possibilty to open the images in a lightbox (I'm using prettyPhoto as lightbox plugin) if he clicks on it. Works fine when I directly link to the images in the html-file. But when I let owl-carousel read a JSON file, get the information out of it and output exactly the same code I used before directly in the html-file, the lightbox is not working anymore (the slider still runs perfect).

Do you have any idea how I can fix this? Thanks for your answers in advance!

Here is the HTML-code which works fine (written directly in my html-file)

    <a class="item" rel="prettyPhoto" href="blog/img/water.png">
    <img class="lazyOwl" alt="Test" style="display: inline;" src="blog/img/water.png">

And this is the JS Code which is not working: JS:

$(document).ready(function() { 
     autoPlay: true,
     items: 3,
     jsonPath : 'blog/blog.json',
     jsonSuccess : customDataSuccess,
     lazyLoad: true,
     responsive: true,
     slideSpeed: 500,
     width: 600
 function customDataSuccess(data){
 var content = "";
 for(var i in data["blogentries"]){
 var img = data["blogentries"][i].source;
 var alt = data["blogentries"][i].title;

 content += "<a class=\"item\" href=\"" +img+ "\" rel=\"prettyPhoto\" > <img class=\"lazyOwl\" data-src=\"" +img+ "\" alt=\"" +alt+ "\"> </a>"



HTML Output:

<a class="item" href="blog/img/zenmaster.png" rel="prettyPhoto">
<img class="lazyOwl" src="blog/img/zenmaster.png" style="display: inline;" alt="Test">
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