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I develop iPhone app since one month. I come from the Microsoft programming world. My requirement is not really usual so I think it is necessary to correctly explain my context for avoiding ambiguity.

I have a settings menu created by using Settings.Bundle and the InAppSettingKit framework. When I set the type of my specifier to IASKOpenUrlSpecifier in my .plist, it allows to redirect to Safari when my user click on an item. This perfectly works.

But, I do not know how my user can come back to my app'menu. I know it is possible to redirect to an iPhone app by using a custom url sheme (Custom url sheme tutorial : http://iosdevelopertips.com/cocoa/launching-your-own-application-via-a-custom-url-scheme.html ) but in this case, the user must know the url and write it in the browser. I absolutely can not do this ! So I need to find how I can provide a link to my user in Safari for redirecting to my app.

My question is : how can I do this ? I have no idea. I do not even know if it is possible !

Thanks in advance for your help.

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