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I need to access the result of a stored procedure within a select statement, i.e.:

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[sp_sample]

in SQL_Server 2005.

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@Barry is right you need to create a temp table and insert into it first, then join that table in your select.

However, there are numerous ways for sharing data between stored procedures, see this excellent article: How to Share Data Between Stored Procedures by Erland Sommarskog

One method that may work for you is to "share" a temp table. The #temp table is created in the Parent procedure and can be used by the Child: http://www.sommarskog.se/share_data.html#temptables

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This isn't possible. You would have to create a temporary table to store the results.

Create Table #tmp
Insert into #tmp
Exec dbo.StoredProcedure

The table structure must match the output of the Stored Procedure.

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in fact, my select statement is into a view ... any idea I use a SP because I need a temporary table. –  Stéphane Schwartz Mar 25 '10 at 14:35

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