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I've been using the Infragistics UltraWinGrid for a while in a C# project, and while it's very spiffy, it is sometimes a bit heavy to run (and editing it in Visual Studio can be hazardous).

I'm looking for a lighter alternative. Looks (always a big plus with Infragistics) are not as important as functionality. Namely, I'm looking for a beefed up DataGridView which:

  • has data binding (duh!)
  • has lock control over editing
  • allows for sub-tables on opening a row
  • can have multiple headers to group columns together (say header 1 is composed of "Group A" and "Group B", and header 2 has various columns under each group)
  • has sorting by column (and can sort numbers properly, even if it does not have a stock method at first)
  • has filtering by column (perhaps the most demanding spec) à la UltraWinGrid/Excel (text field with a way to specify if the filter is equal, not equal, greater, lesser, starts with, ends with, etc).
  • supports check box, text box or data bound list/combo box cells
  • allows cells to be merged (not the control cells of course!)
  • can have events bound to each row (say double click)
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this is a windows app ? web app ? –  ram Mar 25 '10 at 13:58
C#. Windows app. –  MPelletier Mar 25 '10 at 14:17
And WinForms. Not WPF. –  MPelletier Mar 25 '10 at 17:27

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i've had a good deal of success with the Developer Express grid in the past. In fact i chose it as the grid component of choice over many other 3rd party grid vendors including Infragistics. Not that Infragistics is bad at all. During my research i concluded, as you have, that it was an overly "heavy" component. DexEx also lets you buy the source code affording you the chance to make it even lighter or customizing further.

Link: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Controls/WinForms/Grid/

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You could check out SourceGrid:


What SourceGrid can do:

  • It is possible to customize the graphic appearance, the type of editor and the behavior (cursor, tooltiptext, contextmenu ...,) of every cell.
  • Supports natively all of the types of data that have a TypeConverter or an UITypeEditor associated.
  • Any .NET control can be used like editor with few lines of code.
  • You can insert, delete and move rows and columns.
  • The height and the width can be customized independently for every columns and rows or can be calculated automatic based to the content of the cells.
  • Supports features of RowSpan and ColumnSpan, to unite more cells.
  • Supports automatic operations of Copy and Paste.
  • Supports natively column sort.
  • You can change the width and the height of the columns and rows.
  • In every cell is possible to customize the image and the alignment of the text and the image.
  • Supports MultiLine and WordWrap text.
  • Supports an HTML export.
  • With some extension supports data binding features.
  • Support virtual cells used to binding any type of data source.

And what cannot do

  • SourceGrid doesn't have a designer, all should be done with code.
  • No printing support.
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The no printing support makes me cringe, but, oddly enough, not for this project. Must be some kind of base reflex... –  MPelletier Mar 25 '10 at 14:20

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