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I am attempting to write a hook which will catch "SomeFunction" of Process Explorer that suspends process. I already have a solution which hooks functions such as SuspendThread and NtSuspendThread. But the Process Explorer use something different and I don't know what. Please can anyone tell me the name of the function used by PE to suspend process?

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Have you checked the import table? Have you done anything at all to help yourself before asking here? –  Ben Voigt Aug 6 at 14:33

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Attach it to an API Monitor; It calls NtOpenProcess -> NtSuspendProcess()


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What API monitor did you use here? –  Niall Aug 6 at 19:20
Rohitab @ rohitab.com/apimonitor –  Alex K. Aug 6 at 19:39
Thanks, that looks very nice. I'll dig into it some more, always in the market for good tools. –  Niall Aug 6 at 19:48
Thanks, that's it! I tried to hook NtSuspendThread in procexp.exe but without results. I hooked this function in procexp64.exe and it works!!! Thanks a lot!!! –  Anton23 Aug 7 at 6:55

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