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we are using GameSalad to develop games for iOS. we have developed one app and while generating IPA we are getting below error. Please look into it and provide me solution. quick response would be appreciated.

We have same error while uploading Application ..

Code Signing Error 1: /var/folders/gp/_32pgwv96m1gsyj88zcvqpb40000gn/T/GameSalad1/1/TTH_V2.app: replacing existing signature codesign_allocate: object: /private/var/folders/gp/_32pgwv96m1gsyj88zcvqpb40000gn/T/GameSalad1/1/TTH_V2.app/TTHV2 malformed object (unknown load command 41) /var/folders/gp/_32pgwv96m1gsyj88zcvqpb40000gn/T/GameSalad1/1/TTH_V2.app: object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable

Make sure your provisioning profile, developer certificate, and WWDR certificate are installed, valid, not expired or duplicated, and signed with a private key in the keychain on the computer you are signing with.

mac version : 10.8.5 x-code : 5.1.1 Gamesalad version : beta

Please response ASAP

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