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I'm running VS 2012 Premium and have written a few tests using Fakes. A member of my team is running VS 2010 Professional. After importing my unit tests, he's receiving compilation errors on that the references to both the Fakes assembly - Microsoft.QualityTools.Testing.Fakes - and the generated Fakes assembly from the project reference - MyProject.Fakes - don't exist.

Is there to share unit tests with Fakes with a developer who is not running VS Premium or Ultimate? At least so the solution compiles in his IDE?

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If all you want to do is to have him be able to build and run the main app, without the need to run the unit tests, a workaround is to have him turn off the build for the unit tests project in the configuration manager. He would then be able to build / run the app, but not the unit tests. –  user469104 Aug 6 at 16:16
@user469104 Great idea, but the whole team needs to be able to develop and run unit tests. –  gooddeeds Aug 6 at 17:34
Fakes is only available on Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate. visualstudio.com/products/compare-visual-studio-products-vs –  Arthur Rizzo Aug 21 at 21:19

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