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I have created a json object from ruby with cobravsmongoose, however the attributes have the '@' symbol in front of them. Whenever I try to access them with standard object notation in JavaScript, such as object.object.object.@attribute I get a parse error. Is there another way to access these objects?

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Grab your JSON as a string instead. Do a replace to clean up the @ symbols, and recreate it as JSON.

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Wouldn't that be very CPU intensive either in Ruby, or in JavaScript on the client. Wouldn't it be better to just modify the library? –  Heat Miser Oct 31 '08 at 3:20
It's just a simple string replace. I'd do it on the client. Unless you're getting a megabyte of data it will take milliseconds. There's no complexity in the data to dance through yet - it's just a blob of text. –  Diodeus Oct 31 '08 at 20:07

You can also access your object attributes with subscript notation:


But it's better to do as @Diodeus proposed

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