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I've been trying to create a graph using py2neo / neo4j but I'm constantly hitting problems with my script. The latest one being the following... (bare in mind that i am also new to python. sorry!)

Here is the code:

from py2neo import neo4j, node
graph = neo4j.GraphDatabaseService("http://localhost:7474/db/data/")
i_word = graph.get_or_create_index(neo4j.Node, "i_word")
i_token = graph.get_or_create_index(neo4j.Node, "i_token")
labels = {"TOKEN"}
properties = {"name": "Ana"}
a_node = node(*labels, **properties)
c_node, = graph.create(a_node)

I'm getting the following error:

... py2neo/neo4j.py", line 237 
... TypeError: Cannot cast node from (('TOKEN',), {'name':'Ana'})

Any ideas? many thanks for your time. rgds, Pedro

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The node function in py2neo 1.6 does not have label support. You can only supply properties for creation and then later add labels. The alternative will be to use a Cypher expression such as:

CREATE n:TOKEN {name:'Ana'}

As a side note, bear in mind also that labels are generally be written in TitleCase rather than UPPER_CASE.

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