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I have a TimeSpan value of 00:02:02.0 basically 0 hours 2 minutes 2 seconds and 2 milliseconds.

I will always have 0 hours. How do you format ssrs to read 2.02.0? I know you can do =Fields!FinishTime.Value.ToString("mm:ss:fff") however it always produces #error as value.


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You are pretty close, ToString() is correct since SSRS doesn't know how to work with TimeSpans, but you'll need to wrap a Format around it to use the format string and convert it back to a date to use the date formatting patterns:

=Format(CDate(Fields!FinishTime.Value.ToString()), "mm:ss:fff")


If your dataset contains NULLs, you won't be able to use a simple IIF(IsNothing(Fields!FinishTime.Value), Nothing, <format formula>) because IIF does not short-circuit and you'll see an #error when it tries to use the ToString() function on NULLs. So instead try some custom code (retrieved from an MSDN forum post):

Function FormatTimeSpan(TS as TimeSpan) as String
Dim DT as new DateTime(TS.Ticks)
Return DT.ToString("mm:ss:fff")
End Function

And call it like this:

=IIF(IsNothing(Fields!FinishTime.Value), Nothing, Code.FormatTimeSpan(Fields!FinishTime.Value))
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Nice! How do you handle when the time is messed up? it shows #error for like 2 out of the 70 results – user222427 Aug 6 '14 at 23:03
I tried =IIF(Len(Fields!FinishTime.Value) > 1,"",Format(CDate(Fields!FinishTime.Value.ToString()), "mm:ss:f")) but i still get error – user222427 Aug 6 '14 at 23:06
Depends what the 2 results are returning to give you the #error. I imagine a NULL would still cause problems, so you could use IsNothing() to check for that, but it may be easiest to check what the query is returning for those rows. – stubaker Aug 6 '14 at 23:32
stu- it is null, but I have to return those rows, Isnothing still produces #Error – user222427 Aug 6 '14 at 23:55

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