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My application has two entities: Class and Student. Both entities have their own CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) pages implemented using Backbone Model/View/Router. Routes look like this:

routes : {
  "" : "index",
  "create" : "create",
  ":id/edit" : "edit",
  ":id/delete" : "destroy",
  ":id" : "show"

Both routes work great when dealing with entities separately e.g. listing all the student/classes, editing them, deleting, etc.

As part of edit Class, I need to be able to add Students to it via an in-page popup. Given that there is already a Student Router which can list/create/select students I'd like to be able to reuse it on the Class page, meaning:

/students -> showing listing of students on exercises page

/students/create -> shows student create dialog on exercises page

/workouts/create -> shows workout create dialog on a page

/workouts/create/students -> shows listing of students in a popup on workout edit page

/workouts/create/student/create -> shows create student dialog in a popup on workout edit page

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