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Let's say we have a social network, and one wants to find friends of friends that one is not currently connected to. I assume that we could do something like:

match (me)-[:Friends_With]-(other)-[:Friends_With]-(target)
where not (target-[:Friends_With]-me)
return target

From what I can tell, Neo will not include me in target, but it will include nodes that currently connect to me via [:Friends_with]. Assuming that my first query works, is there a less verbose way to write this query?

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MATCH (me:Person { name: "Kenny" })-[:FRIEND_OF]-()-[:FRIEND_OF]-(foaf:Person)
WHERE NOT (me)-[:FRIEND_OF]-(foaf)

This is the least verbose yet most expressive query for finding a friend of a friend that I am not friends with.

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