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I'm new to CakePHP and I need to integrate Twig for a project. First I installed the TwigView plugin ( and tried to follow the small set of instructions.


Plugin sources

I cloned the plugin repository in /app/Plugin/. A folder TwigView is created.

Twig sources

I placed Twig sources under /app/Plugin/TwigView/Vendor/ in a folder named Twig


I added this to my /app/Config/bootstrap.php


and this to AppController

public $viewClass = 'TwigView.Twig';

I also granted write privileges to everybody in /app/Plugin/TwigView/tmp/views

Problem 1

The application keeps asking for .ctp files, and I need to use my .tpl templates. I tried adding this in AppController

public $layout = 'default.tpl';

But it will complain, saying that it can't find default.tpl.ctp

Problem 2

How can I pass parameters to the twig templates from Cake controllers?

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If it's still searching for .ctp files, then TwigView isn't being set. The Twig view class sets the extensions to .tpl for you, so no need to change the $layout var. More info required to answer. I.e., ensure the plugin is running, make sure it's using the view class, etc. Pepper some debug statements in the plugin and your bootstrap to make sure everything's running right. Show us a basic controller / action that should be using it and make sure the view class isn't being reset somewhere. – jeremyharris Aug 6 '14 at 23:07
Also, see:… – jeremyharris Aug 6 '14 at 23:09

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