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The function verboseCheck from QuickCheck 1 seems to be absent in QuickCheck 2 (or at least, I can't find it). Is there any other way to show which values are used during testing?

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Looks like verbose (and other verbose- functions) were returned back to QuickCheck in version 2.4

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The sample function is also useful:

Prelude Test.QuickCheck
ghci> sample (arbitrary :: Gen String)

This way, it's easy to play with your Arbitrary instances, and make sure they generate what you think they generate.

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Yes, it is useful. – Alexey Romanov Mar 27 '10 at 6:02

Yes, this seems to be a functionality regression with respect to QuickCheck 1.

You can work around it by annotating your properties with a Debug.Trace.trace statement, however. Something like:

import Debug.Trace

prop_eq xs = traceShow xs $ 
   xs == reverse (reverse xs)
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I've been happy with

import Debug.Trace
verboseCheck prop = quickCheck (\input -> traceShow input $ prop input)
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I took a look at sources, and it seems that Args were refactored, configEvery is no longer there, and thus you are not able to print all test values without patching QuichCheck sources

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