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(please excuse any mistakes in the way of questioning/ formatting the question since I'm new)

[Please Note that I cannot post code here as yet, and FXML code isnt worth posting right ? Also, my GUI programming experience before this is very little... I picked up JavaFX 8 first because I use Java, and heard that FX >> Swing in many ways]

I am trying to make a GUI that allows the user to input the NumberLink puzzle numbers (through mouse action events), and then, displays the puzzle in a grid with features to draw a path, and undo it. This is almost exactly the same functionality as in Numberlink on Nikoli. The puzzle is quite interesting, and these are the rules. The goal of the UI is for the user to interactively solve the puzzle by drawing lines,etc, just as on Nikoli's site. The solver will be a later addition.

  1. In my project, I have a Stage in which a setup Scene prompts user for rows and columns (to take size of puzzle),

  2. next, it generates an empty grid (I'm thinking of using a GridPane here), and the user clicks the squares to enter the numbers into the square. this phase isnt a problem if I use TextFields and mouse listeners and store info in a grid... the next phase is what I'm stuck at... unless I know exactly how to do that, I cant make progress...

  3. in the third stage, I have to display the numbers to the user just like on the Nikoli site (the highlighting number pairs on mouse hover is a necessary feature too, which I think I can handle with CSS).. and the user should draw paths between the numbers, just as on that site ( I thought VLineTo and HLineTo classes would be suitable.. but I'm not sure, and cant find any alternatives) Please help on this ...

So with this in mind, I made FXML based dummy gui layouts to test if my ideas work... and I cant get the GridPane to have lines drawing atop it (meaning, I cant place Line objects like HLineTo on top of the grid panes).... is there any other way to do what I need to do ? I also thought of making multiple Canvas objects in a grid (each square is its own canvas), having the numbers as Text objects, and a Canvas on top of the grid with transparency ON, and having them both on a StackPane, but then, the StackPane's children will not be synchronised.

Please help point me in the right direction, thanks (tell me if I'm missing something basic, which I think I am).

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You should always be able to post code... – Dan Neely Aug 6 '14 at 23:23

You can wrap the GridPane in an AnchorPane, then use getChildren().add(Node node).

Assuming your controller has defined <AnchorPane fx:id="anchorpane"...> and implements Initializable

@FXML private AnchorPane anchorpane;

public void initialize(URL location, ResourceBundle resources) {
    Line line = new Line(double startX, double startY, double endX, double endY);


NOTE: The line should actually be dependent on mouse events, so it really shouldn't even be in your initialize method; but it should help you get started with what you want to do.


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Thank you for the answer ! It's a nice idea to wrap the GridPane in an AnchorPane and draw atop it. let me try it out and get back to you. – Pramoo90 Aug 9 '14 at 9:07

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