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In my application, a user can upload a file of a few specific types, one of which needs to be a supposedly older excel file type application/vnd.ms-office.

I have mime:xls,doc,csv but those don't validate against mime type application/vnd.ms-office.

I've look around a few other places and making the validator rule mime:xls,doc,csv,application/vnd.ms-office does not work.

I can get it to work if I edit Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\MimeType\MimeTypeExtensionGuesser to contain 'application/vnd.ms-office' => 'office' and adjust the validator rule to mime:xls,doc,csv,office but I I'll lose that the next time I update via composer.

Any way to manipulate the mime types array on-the-fly?

Also, application/vnd.ms-office seems like it might include a broad spectrum of files. Should I even allow this?

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Turns out, I've managed to get the results I'm looking for by using a custom validator as such.

If I get no better answers after a while I'll mark this as the correct answer.

top of the class:

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile;

inside the post function:

Validator::extend('uploadable', function($attr, $file, $params)
    return $file instanceof UploadedFile
        && in_array($file->getMimeType(), array(

$validator = Validator::make(
        'byMail' => 'in:Y',
        'file1' => 'uploadable',
        'file2' => 'uploadable',
        'file3' => 'uploadable',
    (array) Lang::get('errors.upload')
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