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I'm writing a very simple webpage in html5 for iPhone. the page is this one Not Working

Everything works but in the page from the iPhone i see the quicktime logo with a slash on it and if i tap on it the player shows up the play button and in the background there is the quicktime logo. is it possible to replace the logos with a personal image? thank you in advance.

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You can hide the tag with CSS and instead create an HTML element that will launch the quicktime player with a JavaScript onclick event.

Something like:

<audio src="track.mp3" controls></audio>
<div id="play-button">Play</div>

function playAudio() {
    var audioPlayer = document.getElementsByTagName("audio")[0];;

var playButton = document.getElementById("play-button");

As for displaying a visual/image within the external quicktime player, please check out my answer in a similar thread here.

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i tried the trick you've posted but seems that mobilesafari cannot play audio tags without the quicktime externalplayer, if i visualize the page on safari for mac works fine but with mobilesafari nothing happens when i tap on the button! – Antonio Murgia Apr 27 '10 at 16:58

if you are creating a web application to use only on the iPhone I strongly suggest you to use the fantastic

jQTouch framework.

then you can simple have a link to the mp3 file and it will play normally.

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In the video tag, set the poster to the image that you want to display.


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