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I'm currently creating an experimental programming language for fun and educational purpose and in search for some tasks beyond the classical "Hello, World!"-program.

I've already come up with these ideas:

  • Print out the program's input
  • Calculator
  • Generate Prime numbers, Fibonacci series

What other interesting programming problems do you have for me to test?

It would be good if they required the language to solve a broad spectrum of task, take prime numbers for example: You need variables, increment them, divide them, perform actions under certain conditions, etc.

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There are many previous questions discussing project ideas in a variety of subject areas -- please search through those. –  Ether Mar 25 '10 at 16:41

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How about a program that takes a dollar amount, such as $27.32, and spits out the minimum set of bills and coins needed to produce it? Lots of looping, some formatting, and an opportunity for a table-driven approach.

Sample output (for the above value):

0 $100 
0 $50
1 $20
0 $10
1 $5
2 $1
0 $0.50
1 $0.25
0 $0.10
1 $0.05
2 $0.01
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The first thing that springs to mind: place 8 queens on a chess board so that none of them attack each other. Heap- or merge sort might also be interesting examples.

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That would probably require a very long solution compared to my examples above –  sub Mar 25 '10 at 16:42

Find the decimal value of pi or e to an arbitrary precision.

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